Web Services

The growing mobile application market is dependent on web services. Nearly all mobile applications use a web service to create advertisements, notify the user of updates, and provide data for the application to display. That's where we come in - We create the database and host the data for the web service. This data can be as simple as looking up zip codes, or as complicated as calculating geo-coordinates from a massive geo-database. If you have any questions, please contact us regarding your data needs.

Poker Leaderboard App

Our most popular web service today is the service attached to our Poker Leaderboard App for the Android device. The web sevice ties into our scalled poker leaderboard database allowing for players to view their tournaments, points, and poker schedule. This light weight web service is free, and the only one of its kind. We are growing our leaderboard web service options with plans to have more mobile developers using our web service, and api.