Our database experts specialize in nearly all the current global relational database models. While SQL, XML, and data objects continue to evolve, we maintain the ability to work with both classic and currnet models. Our database designs have been incorporated in many applications from individual companies to simple mobile applications and web services. We are experianced in both client side database interfaces, public websites, and sofisticated login solutions.

Poker Leaderboard

Our team has created one of the best online point management solutions for Play Bar Games.Com. Our Poker Leaderboard, Poker Calendar, and Poker Tournament Scheduling Solution is a one of a kind product that allows small poker companies to manage thier players, tournaments, and points from one easy online solution.

GIS Mapping

We are currently developing a GIS database that will interface with our allready popular google layer web service for Airspace within the United States. This new database model will grow dynamicly and auto update when changes are implemented.