Consulting Services

My Data Options is dedicated helping the small business succeed with online, mobile, and e-commerce solutions. Most companies that start with their first free website from blogger, or wordpress don't often move past the informational stage. Having a website is only the begining of expanding your business. An informational website is great if your customer knows what the address is, and does not know what your product is - That's where we come in. We can help point the snall business into the right direction to help expand their market share, increase their search engine presence (SEO [Search Engine Optimization]), and offer years of experience watching other small business' succeed.

Simple Solutions

Free advice is not always the best advice, but its worth listening too.

If you have your own infromational website, make sure you can find it with Google and Bing. Search for your product using a search engine (like Google) to see where you stand in the search rankings (IE. search: "Widgets", Result: "My Widget Website"). IF you cannont find your product or informational web page with a simple search, then the website is not really doing anyrhing for you.

Share your web site with other similar non-competing websites. Ask another website to put your link in their blog, or on their page. In return you would put their link on your page. This will help in expanding your search presence.

If you are selling a product, make sure you are using ebay, youtube, google products, and similar sites to show/display your product.

If you are offering a free service, be clear as to what is free.

There are many free or inexpensive options for e-commerce, databases, and web design available. Sometimes all someone needs is to know what is out there, and a good place to start. Our email address is at the bottom of the page. We offer a free evaluation of your product and website (we reserve the right to decline all inquiries, and services), and a variety of pricing options that might fit your or your business needs.